When you add Fish Oil weight loss can be speeded up

 A lot of people are learning about fish oil as a possible aid in weight loss. Fish oil is well known for its health benefits as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid that helps you maintain a healthy heart. But researcher are finding additional benefits in helping a person lose weight.

In a study, one group of subjects was given fish oil supplements to take, while the other was given a placebo. Both groups engaged in their regular exercises. At the end of the test period. the people in the group that took fish oil lost a few more pounds on the average. Although, more studies need to be conducted to get more details, when you add fish oil weight loss seems to be achieved quicker.

There is a theory that when the bloodstream has a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acid, the flow of blood to the muscles can be improved during exercise. This, in turn, can stimulate the enzymes in the body that move fat to places that need it the most in order to provide energy to sustain the activity. So, the fat is burned off more efficiently.

Fish oil can also help in curbing your appetite. In another study, some women were given a couple of fish supplements after their meal. They ended up not having those cravings for a snack in-between meals because they felt full. This may have something to do with how fish oil affects the release of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a chemical that regulates your mood and appetite. It makes your body feel good so that it does not crave for other unhealthy things to make it feel good, like sugar. This is one explanation why when you add fish oil weight loss can become easier.

Taking fish oil should be part of your healthy living habit of eating a low-fat, low-sugar diet and getting plenty of exercise. Before you take any fish oil supplements, you should run this by your doctor so that he can rule out any health conditions that can be negatively affected by the addition of these supplements.

Fish oil can come in one gram capsules. When you shop for fish oil, go for the highest quality that guarantees that it does not contain harmful metals or impurities. Look at the label for the concentration of EPA and DHA. A quality supplement should contain at least 750 milligrams of DHA and EPA. A higher concentration means more benefits to you from each capsule. Take two to three grams of fish oil everyday for the maximum weight loss benefits.

By adding fish oil weight loss and health problems can be greatly reduced. Not only will you lose weight, but your heart will be healthier, too. Supplements are not expensive and have practically no side effects on a healthy person. If you want a little boost in dropping those extra pounds, add some fish oil to your daily diet.